How To Submit A Book

Have a great book? Here's how to enter:

Submissions for the 2024 Non-Obvious Book Awards are now open!

In order to be considered for the 2024 Non-Obvious Book Awards, your book must have a publication date between November 2023 and November 2024 and be available in print (no books that are available only as ebooks or audiobooks will be considered). We accept submissions for review of galley, ARCs or final copies. We do not review books in digital format.

Your book must have applications for business, but does not necessarily need to be officially categorized as a “business book.” We are happy to consider any book that can help make a business leader or entrepreneur more successful or smarter.

Just let us know when you enter what makes the book a “non-obvious” submission and why we should consider it.


Physical manuscripts, galleys or books will not be returned. We do not accept any sorts of payments or bribes in order to consider a book (even particularly delicious chocolate). If any chocolate does accompany your submission, you can expect that it also will not be returned.

There is no application fee to submit your book for consideration. If you would like to be considered, please fill out our submission form and then send 2 review copies to our team. If additional review copies are required, our team will contact you.

Our Promise

Every book entered will receive full consideration and be reviewed carefully by our team. We deeply respect authors and the time and care it takes to write any book ... and we promise to give every submission a fair chance, regardless of the topic, publisher, author or commercial success of the book.