The 2022 Non-Obvious Book Award Winners

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2022 Most Shareable Book of the Year:


by Annie Duke

2022 Most Important Book of the Year:

Stolen Focus

by Johann Hari

2022 Most Entertaining Book of the Year:

Atlas of the Invisible

by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti

2022 Most Original Book of the Year:

All the Living and All the Dead

by Hayley Campbell

2022 Most Useful Book of the Year:


by W00-Kyoung Ahn

2022 Shortlist Selection:

How to Host a Viking Funeral

by Kyle Scheele

2021 Shortlist Selection:

How We Eat

by Paco Underhill

2022 Shortlist Selection:

I Never Thought of It That Way

by Monica Guzman

2022 Shortlist Selection:

Of Boys and Men

by Richard V. Reeves

2022 Shortlist Selection:

Strangers To Ourselves

by Rachel Aviv

2022 Shortlist Selection:

The Future Is Analog

by David Sax

2022 Shortlist Selection:

The Shame Machine

by Cathy O'Neil

2022 Shortlist Selection:

Toxic Positivity

by Whitney Goodman

2022 Shortlist Selection:

You Should Smile More

by The Band of Sisters (Dawn Hudson, Angelique Bellmer Krembs, Katie Lacey, Lori Tauber Marcus, Cie Nicholson, and Mitzi Short

2022 Shortlist Selection:

You've Been Played

by Adrian Hon

See the 2022 Longlist Selections ...

2022 was our most competitive year yet - and we considered over 1000 titles to narrow down our Longlist and Shortlist. The titles selected for this list were the very best non-fiction titles published all year. The Longlist is announced and included below.

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Here are our finalist selections for the 2022 Non-Obvious Book Awards Longlist (listed alphabetically by book title):

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