The 2020 Non-Obvious Book Award Winners

The Shortlist & Winners:

Every year we select less than 10% of all the books we review to be included in our Non-Obvious Book Awards Longlist or Shortlist. 2020 was an extremely competitive year with more books submitted and considered than any previous year.

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2020 Most Shareable Book of the Year:


by Rutger Bregman

2020 Most Important Book of the Year:

Make Change

by Shaun King

2020 Most Entertaining Book of the Year:


by Joanne McNeil

2020 Most Original Book of the Year:

The Lost Family

by Libby Copeland

2020 Most Useful Book of the Year:

True or False

by Cindy Otis

2020 Shortlist Selection:


by Vivek H. Murthy, MD

2020 Shortlist Selection:


by Dan Heath

2020 Shortlist Selection:

How Design Makes The World

by Scott Berkun

2020 Shortlist Selection:

Divergent Mind

by Jenara Nerenberg

2020 Shortlist Selection:

Just Don't Be An Asshole

by Kara Kinney Cartwright

2020 Shortlist Selection:

Ghosting the News

by Margaret Sullivan

2020 Shortlist Selection:

Bring Yourself

by Mori Taheripour

2020 Shortlist Selection:

The Fabric of Civilization

by Virginia Postrel

2020 Shortlist Selection:

The Hot Hand

by Ben Cohen

2020 Shortlist Selection:

The Sum of the People

by Andrew Whitby

*Note - All reviews above will be written by Non-Obvious Company founder Rohit Bhargava.

See the Longlist Selections ...

2020 was our most competitive year yet - and we considered more hundreds of titles to narrow down our Longlist and Shortlist. The titles selected for this list were the very best non-fiction titles published all year.

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Here are our finalist selections for the 2020 Non-Obvious Book Awards Longlist: (listed alphabetically by book title):

About the Non-Obvious Book Awards

These awards are organized and judged by the team at the Non-Obvious Company. Our mission is to help leaders, organizations and curious minds learn the habits that allow them to see what others miss and face the unknown. We do this through our published books, popular keynotes, custom workshops, annual book awards and our weekly Non-Obvious Insights Show.

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